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Small testicles


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I’m 28 years old and 165 pounds.
My previous cycle which was my 4th consisted of 6 months of me being on.
The roids that’s I used were tren, eq, deca, masteron, primo, anadrol, winstrol.
This was all divided and not used through out the 6 months. I bulked and cut separately.
I ended my cycle December 31.
I took hcg 2 weeks while on and 2 weeks while taking nothing. Then I started my pct consisting of clomid and nolva.
My questions is that my testicles are still small. What should I do regarding that?
My sexual drive is still there. Probably not 100 percent. But I’m not having issues with my libido. I haven’t done my blood work yet but I tend to do it this week.
Please advise.


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please dont call them "roids" sounds ridiculous..

are you saying you ran 7 different steroids on one cycle?


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I started off with tren and anadrol. Tren started giving me really bad side effects like anxiety. So I had to stop. I started doing deca and eq for a few months. Then in the end I switched to primo, eq, and winstrol.


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Go get bloodwork man. It's hard telling where everything is after being on that long. I'm sure you're not recovered. Longer you as re on the longer it takes and less likely you will even fully recover