Sarmsx - Help needed.

Jon Allegro

Platinum pct received but no way to know how I am dosing it as no label to explain any only small label on base to let me know compound.

Liquid is ML

I need to be able to dose the following
Clomid 50/50/25/25
Nolva 40/40/20/20
Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
MK-2866 25mg ED
GW 20mg ED

But I am unsure how much liquid equates to the above doses.

Thank you for any help you can give
All the concentrations with labels are posted here.

Simple math...I.E.,,,GW is 20 mg's per ML and a full dropper is 1 one full dropper a day...the others are just simple math to figure from there
LiquiNol comes up short for the 4 week pct

20mgs per ml
In ml a week that's
for the 4 weeks pct I'm short 12ml?

Or am I missing something
You have your ml's WAY OFF..14 ml's is 14 full droppers man....the dropper only goes to 1.0 ml

Some Sarms require more than 1 bottle a Month...again it comes down to simple math and the TOTAL per bottle
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Sorry let me explain
1ml = 20mg Nolva

40mg Nolva a day for week 1 & 2 is 28ml over the course of 14 days?

20mg Nolva a day for weeks 3 & 4 is 14ml over 14 days

Total ml = 45

Yes but when I bought a platinum pct package I wasn't expecting to have to supplement extras.

I have some Nolva tablets from Hipo can I use these when liquid Nolva runs out?
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I will wait for Rick to reply purchase from

Rick Rock suggested the pct

Just dose your Nolva at 40mg the first week, then 20mg per day weeks 2 through 4 of pct. that is actually what I meant to type you and the correct protocol. I know you'll be a couple days short on getting the full 4 weeks but with it being alongside Clomid that is more than enough.

Run by me again what exactly your cycle was?

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Was only 10days as I run into prolactin/gyno issue from bad information with Nolva and Tren

Was actually weekly dose
250mg Tren enth
250mg mast enth
250mg test enth

Currently on 2.5 mg letrozole a day

So my pct cycle will be
nolva 40/20/20/20
Clomid 50/50/25/25
Letrozole 2.5/2.5/2.5/2.5

Going to give mk & gw a miss this time

Once letrozole finished going to run Aromasin for 2-4 weeks tapering down from 12.5 mg EOD week 1-2 to 6.25 EOD week 3-4
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You were only on 10 days? You may not even be suppressed could have only gotten in a max of 2 doses before you stopped.

You may be better off getting bloodwork done now and saving the platinum pct until those results. You could save that entire pct for another cycle. You will still most likely have test/mast/Tren in your system so that will give you a few days to plan to get it done.

How many days ago since your last dose?
Bro you keep saying you have gyno/prolactin issues but wheres the bloodwork ? you probably have nothing its only been 10 days, if i remember correctly you were the person that was squeezing their nips and had a drop of liquid form doesnt make it lactation. You shouldnt do anything until you get your bloodwork done before you wreck yourself and create a real issue. Especially using letro man, what are you doing ?
Dylan advised letrozole for lumps

Went to see Dr about it all yesterday awaiting response from endocrine specialist
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Went to see the GP as had glands come up in chest

Dylan advised letrozole for lumps

And what did the GP say the lumps were ? im sure he would say they are from your drug/hormone usage and that if you stop using drugs the lumps would subside correct ? Doesnt make it gyno, and what did he say about the lactation ? he would have done your bloodwork and made you do an MRI to determine its not cancerous or other issues, what your telling me does not add up
The only way to know the level of suppression is through bloodwork. Even just a week on tren can shut you down a lot, so it's definitely advised to take the safe route and run the full pct I gave you

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