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I realize this may seem like a redundant thread, but I want info based on my experience. I've run LGD-4033 twice. I get nice full looking muscle with no bloat - truly amazing stuff. Once for 6 weeks @ 5mg/wk1, then 10mg the rest of the way - results exceeded expectations and I only needed OTC pct. The second time, about a year later, I ran it for 8 weeks 5mg/wk 1 and then 10mg for the remaining weeks. This time I needed an actual pct. When I came off, I was lethargic and sleepy all day long, and I would crash for 2-3 hours in the middle of the day, which isn't like me. So, I used clomid to get me back up (no pun intended). All was great after that.

Knowing my experience, my need for pct after my second run, and how well LGD alone has worked for me, I still want to experiment with a stack to get right for summer. I'm currently 6'1", 207lbs, 11% BF.

I have thoughts on what to stack based on what I've researched, but i'd rather hear from you guys without providing and bias.

Thanks in advance!
you need a pct ANYTIME you run lgd man... what does "get right" even mean? its pretty impossible without psychic capabilities to make a recommendation if you cannot even be specific about your goals
Yea, I sometimes speak too vaguely. My fault. I did OTC pct both times. Added the clomid the second time when I knew there was a problem. If what you're saying is OTC test boosters are never enough for Pct, understood, and we'll chalk it up to bad advice from another forum.

"Get right"- continue building lean mass like lgd does for me and cut body fat below 10%.
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