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sarms and ped testing


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Hi dylan I have been watching a lot of your youtube videos and reading your forums and had a question myself. Does the NCAA Division 1 test for sarms or would they cause a positive test. I am interested in taking ostarine because I have a skinny fat build with a good amount of muscle but still am a little chubby around the abs and waist. I want to shed my last bits of fat and also pack on muscle since I got hurt earlier this year and will be missing most of the season. We have not been tested all year and I want to start taking the ostarine now and get back on track and be ready to play summer baseball.

also I forgot to ask how long does ostarine take to clear out of my system if I did get drug tested?


If you haven’t been tested yet I wouldn’t start taking it. I played D1 baseball at Umass for 4 years and at that time Sarms weren’t tested yet back in 09’ when I started playing but now the NCAA has stepped up their PED panel and I know this because my younger brother who plays D1 lacrosse has had 3 guys on his team fail a piss test and all three were on sarms. So it’s up to you bud but I wouldn’t chance it


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If you are a tested ncaa athlete I wouldnt chance it. Nobody really knows ho w long it is detectable


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Honestly, I don't recommend PED's at all for any tested athlete anymore. I used to think that test suspension was fine......or just watching the standard detection times. I have changed my tune now. The tests are so much more sensitive and able to pick up the metabolites well after what we thought the detection times were. Recently I read a post where a guy tested positive for primo after 11 months! Not a test for testosterone/estrogen, etc. but the actual compound primobolan. Crazy. It is just not worth it. If you want to get far as an athlete you really need to just work harder than everyone else. That includes your practice, diet, and training.