Safe-Mail problems again...

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Yea those safe mail accounts are junk. And worse than that is the fact ur paying out the ass for it. None of the sources I use require it. And all my sources came from this forum
Safe-mail is free bro
Bronze account is $25... Bronze is required by Biotech per emailed pricelist. That price is not very high but IMO we shouldn't be having that many problems with paid emails...
Bronze level is preferred, but not required for Biotech. I've set countless members up with free accounts and no issues

And for the record, I would much rather deal with my source with a GOOD secure email. These aren't girl scout cookies we are dealing with here. I personally pay 60$ per year for my securenym account, and its well worth the security and privacy
I agree... I'm considering switching... I just picked safe-mail and didn't ask around. Lesson learned...
Do any of the "secure" emails have a mobile website or app? I don't own a computer and do everything from my android phone.
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