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S23 Facts and Information...

By definition, S23 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). SARMS are known for binding themselves to specific receptors in the human body, thus simulating the activity of testosterone.

Like other SARMs on the market, S23 helps promote bone and muscle health by working specifically on muscle and bone tissue. the S23 SARM steers clear of the prostate tissue, so users can rest easy knowing that it won?t cause prostate enlargement. Instead, S23 can actually decrease prostate size while you?re using it.
Due to these and other benefits, S23 is gaining mainstream popularity amongst bodybuilders. Many see it as a safe yet effective tool that helps them reduce fat and increase muscle mass without suffering any of the side-effects that are so common with other drugs. The closest thing to a side effect that S23 comes with is its ability to reduce testosterone levels, but this can be rectified through post-cycle therapy (PCT).
Another reason that makes the S23 SARM popular is the fact that it can be used as a form of male birth control. In one study, rats were given S23 for a certain period of time and all test subjects were found to be completely infertile afterward. The good news is the researchers found that they could switch off infertility by discontinuing use of the SARM.
S23 offers benefits for female users as well, such as increased libido, improved bone density, and reduced muscle loss.
However, since no human trials have been conducted to test for the efficacy of these claims, S23 remains on the list of substances that are not approved for human use. In fact, all drugs that are in the SARM category are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which means they?re off-limits to all competing athletes.


Like other SARMs, S23 works on bone and muscle tissue to trigger an anabolic response in the affected areas. But unlike its competitors, S23 doesn?t have any adverse side effects.



  1. Builds Muscle and Reduces Fat
S23 is a potent SARM that?s known for helping bodybuilders burn fat and build lean muscle mass more effectively. It works similarly to steroids but without the side-effects and stigma attached.
In another study that was done on rats, results show that S23 has the ability to reduce an individual?s fat mass and average body weight. The researchers also gave the rats estrogen to encourage mating and see if the rats would experience any muscle loss as a result. Instead, S23 actually increased the rats? lean muscle mass and superseded the effects of estrogen.
It?s important to note that the rate at which S23 reduces fat depends on the dosage. The higher the dosage, the more fat it?s able to burn.
Another study showed that S23 can help prevent muscle loss that?s caused by glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids are a type of anti-inflammatory drug that can cause muscle loss in the long run, and S23 has been shown to regulate the endurance and power of muscles to mitigate the effects of using glucocorticoids.

  1. Can Work as Male Birth Control
Research is underway to find the ultimate male pill that would deliver effective results without compromising health and performance.Since the contraceptive properties of S23 are temporary, male users don?t have to worry about their future ability to have children after discontinuing the use of the SARM. One has to be careful with the dosage because taking higher doses of the SARM can have the opposite effect and actually trigger sperm production instead of suppressing it. Research data shows that mice that were given higher than normal doses of S23 had the same sperm count as untreated mice.
These studies also showed that S23 is easy to absorb regardless of whether it?s being taken as a pill or through injection.

  1. Increases Bone Strength
It?s a well-known fact that sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone are essential in keeping our bones strong and healthy. That?s why premenopausal women with low estrogen levels are susceptible to developing bone diseases. The key to avoiding this fate is to increase bone mineralization in tandem with muscle mass to help prevent bone fractures.
S23 is great because it strengthens bones while improving muscle mass at the same time. The best part is that it shows the same results on bone density and muscle mass regardless of the dosages. So no matter how low or high your dosage, you?ll still experience the benefits.

  1. Boosts Female Sexual Motivation
Women who are going through menopause often experience reduced libido and a complete aversion of sexual activity. This condition is known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), and testosterone is a common treatment for this ailment. But it comes with side effects like the increased risk of developing breast cancer and heart disease.
On the contrary, S23 can help women improve libido without the risks associated with testosterone. These results were shown in a study that was done with postmenopausal female rats who were given S23 as a treatment. The data shows that the rats exhibited increased sexual arousal and activity without any changes in their uterine lining.

SARMs work by binding themselves to androgen receptors which are located in the bones and muscles. Depending on their chemical structure, different SARMs have varying levels of selectivity.
Part of what makes the S23 SARM so effective is its ability to bind itself with androgen receptors. But S23 has a very unique and complicated effect on bones and muscles.
Usually, a SARM works to stimulate the genes responsible for building muscle proteins and it does this by binding itself to androgens. When activated, the body?s receptors will then help stimulate bone-building cells.
S23 has a knack for LH and FSH suppression as well, which is what leads to its contraceptive effects but, this particular effect is only temporary.
Based on research done on male rats, S23 has a half-life of 11.9 hours. The body absorbs about 96% of the SARM when taken orally and users can reach peak levels after 4 hours or so.

We don?t have a lot of information on the S23 side effects yet because no definitive studies have been conducted on humans.
What we do know is that S23 can suppress sperm production by affecting testosterone levels as well as hormones like LH and FSH. Rats showed reduced prostate and testicle size as well.
Some users report experiencing unexplainable anger, darker urine, and hair loss.
However, all of these effects are temporary and usually wear off when you stop taking the SARM, and testosterone depletion can be healed through PCT.


Most bodybuilders take 10 to 30 mg per day while separating the dosage into two in order to maximize the drug?s half-life.
Most reviewers on the Internet say that they?ve used S23 as part of an 8-week cutting cycle.
But if you decide to purchase this SARM online make sure it?s from a reputable provider otherwise you may end up with a fake product

Do we need a full pct with S23?

Yes, its definitely advised using a PCT after the use of S23 for a longer period of time. Studies have shown that S23 can reduce your normal testosterone and that should be fixed with a PCT.

Thank you for posting this. This is some excellent information and really sums of S23 nicely. S23 is very very strong and its just extremely effective in so many ways. It becomes the favorite of everyone once they try it out.
Thank you for posting this. This is some excellent information and really sums of S23 nicely. S23 is very very strong and its just extremely effective in so many ways. It becomes the favorite of everyone once they try it out.

Never tried it, Will try yours soon, heard amazing things about it!
Thank you for posting this. This is some excellent information and really sums of S23 nicely. S23 is very very strong and its just extremely effective in so many ways. It becomes the favorite of everyone once they try it out.
I cant wait to try it out myself after YK11. I'm ready to try them both. They sound pretty awesome
I used this stuff a couple years ago and it was super potent. Felt like an anavar-like effect. Very interesting the potential of this compound as a male contraceptive as well.
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