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Running my second SARMS cycle and need advice

B-Rad 140

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum and glad I found it because I could use some advice. I am on day 3 of my second SARMS cycle running RAD-140 at 15mg/day. I plan on running it for 12 weeks and am planning on adding cardarine and mk-677 for weeks 5 - 12 as well.

For my first cycle I ran LGD at 10mg/day for 7 weeks and experienced tremendous gains with absolutely ZERO side-effects, but obviously shorted myself on some gains by running such a short cycle.

First and most important question... I got my RAD from Proven Peptides which seems to be a no-no after scouring the forum. I was comfortable doing it since my LGD cycle went so well, but now that I've read around here I have to ask do you guys recommend I stop right away since Proven Peptides is apparently not a good source and I am only on day 3?

Other than the sourcing, I would just like feedback on my plan:

1 - 12: RAD-140 15mg/day
5 - 12: Cardarine 10mg/day
5 - 12: mk-677 25mg/day

PCT: 4 weeks
Nolvadex: 20/20/10/10
Cardarine 10mg/day
mk-677 25mg/day

Thanks guys!


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i would definitely not use anything proven peptides offers whatsoever.. im glad you actually took the time to read and see how bad they are... DO NOT use them...

as far as the cycle goes... you need to run mk677 for at least 6 months, just so you are aware...

also, cardarine needs to be 20 mg per day and rad is fine at 15 but 20 is optimal


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You have only run 3 days so if you got a prohormone or oral steroid its impact on your natural production is likely nothing but I wouldnt run Proven Peptides stuff if you paid me to take it.

PCT looks good.

What are you looking to do though? Add strength/size or cut?

Cardarine is the base of all my sarms cycle I wont run one without it. If its strength/mass id look at RAD140 and LGD.

You could also run Cardarine, RAD140 and add in either S4 or Ostarine.

Literally so many good options.

MK677 is a waste for 6 weeks as Dylan said.

B-Rad 140

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Thanks guys I truly am grateful for your responses, looks like it's off to the garbage bin for my PP stuff, gotta learn the hard way. I'll get the real stuff from esarms. And I won't deal with the mk-677 then

My goal is to gain lean size and strength. I don't want too dramatic of a change though in one cycle for professional reasons (don't want people asking questions) which is why I was aiming for a modest cycle like 15mg of RAD. On my 7 week LGD (or whatever it was) I was getting comments all over the place about how much bigger i was looking.

I am very close to my ideal body, I figured 2 or 3 more SARMS cycles and I should be there, 1-2 bulking and then a cut/recomp depending on how much I need to cut. Maybe I'm delusional and will need more though haha.

Thank you for the feedback on PCT as that's why I was seeking out a place like this, but holy shit am I glad I found it to learn about my bunk stuff.

I noticed I got mild cold symptoms almost immediately upon starting what I have (sore throat and runny nose), is that a bad sign?


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Could be a coincidence and you just got a cold but as Dylan stated thats not a good sign as anabolic steroids can cause cold/flu like symptoms in some users.