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Hi guys
I am doing an LGD S4 cycle but finally I have to stop S4 for eye issues. I still have 4 weeks to complete my 12 weeks on LGD. Can I stack LGD to another sarm to replace S4 and take advantage of the last 4 weeks? My goal was building mass and loose a little fat. Dylan recommended a 4 weeks PCT with Cardarine and nolvadex/Clomid so I have cardarine right now and ostarine as well.
Thank you guys


Usually I see recommendation don't take S4 on the weekends if having eye issues. That seems to help out alot. But if its to bad with only 4 weeks left you can just stop taking it. You can't just take something else to replace S4 other than S4. Unless this is the beginning of your cycle you could swap it out with Rad but your at the end of it right now.


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Yea S4 is tough I love the results but I get the vision issues. What dose are you running?

If you are doing 50mg/day you can split the doses morning and night or drop down to 25mg/day. If you need to stop yea just drop it and grab a compound like sr9009 and run it for the last 4 weeks then through PCT and even beyond since it is non-hormonal.