Real or not?

I mean, we could not tell just by looking at that man? How would anyone truly know that? Thats why we have trusted sponsors all over the site, so you don't have to worry about things like this... Bloodwork is one of the only ways you are going to be able to tell... we have no clue just by looking at that man
As Dylan pointed out, we cannot tell just by looking at that. I have not personally seen those before. I do know there are plenty of trusted resources here to choose from, Domestic Supply being my favorite
i doubt any source is dumb enough to fake dbol. but if you aren't sure i wouldn't use them.
I have seen some pretty bad obviously home made gear trying to be sold as legit lol but the one pic of the package isn’t really enough to tell the quality. There should be a scan code on the package or manufactured date/number you should be able to check the authenticity of your product that way. Idk
It really cannot be ascertained just from the picture itself unfortunately. I would love to provide a better answer but there isn't aside from it being tested or through your bloodwork. In the future, you can always check out Biotech here on the forum. They have been here since the very first day of this forum. They are as reputable as it gets!
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