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So as you know I'm getting ready for my show in October. It's been two weeks I've been on my cycle. I started at 235# very weak and full of estrogen as my test level was 309 at the last check. So anyway two and a half i started my gear and doing some mixed gear here as I had to finish what i had so my sustanon and deca is Robo gear anadrol is phurious' and had some dbol from naps. At this point my strength is higher then it's ever been. Handling my diet way better then last year. This is my highest weight I've ever been and I don't really feel that heavy. I guess getting off completely last year after my show is paying off. Planning on stepping on stage at 235# which would be the highest ever for me !!! So just to sum it up those guys put out very legit and potent gear.

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