Question on pro hormones


Hey guys was going through some posts and read someone took a pro hormone well anyway a long time ago I ran a pro hormone but the new less strong ones. Anyway I am wondering if I should be fine. Because it was not just a pro hormone but a whole lot that included on cycle support and a pct. Anyway that was a pretty long time ago and since I have run some other things including a mini pct from sarms x. I am wondering if you all believe I should be good? I mean I feel good. Libido feels ok and generally I am feeling pretty ok. I am also just finishing a cycle of Cardarine from sarmsx as well. This is the final month. So yeah thanks guys
I was not concerned until I read some other posts on this a couple days ago. I feel fine though have no libido problems or anything and that is a good indicator of problems with fucked up cycles so I think I'm good.
you think? bro, you wouldnt have asked if there was not some concern and you should be getting bloodwork after every cycle you do
I just got concerned because I read some other guy had problems I mean the guy was having problems getting erections I'm not. I'm pretty sure if I was fucked I would know I was just curious. I will try to get blood work but I'm pretty sure it will come back fine as my libido is pretty good. That's a good indicator of hormonal problems
im definitely not trying to worry you bro, i dont do that type of thing but you have been on here long enough now... you know that you never go on anything based on how you feel bro... im LOOKING OUT FOR YOU, thats all man.. your a good fucking dude and i just care but you do whatever you want bro
My only problem Dylan is it seems to me you are trying to imply a problem where no symptoms for it are. I would much rather u kept it straight with me or I will just drop it all thanks for the opinions on it though peace
Nothing but respect for u man and I understand you have a job too. Gotta go through the precautions and suggest the correct things but still seems counterproductive to assume an ailment without any symptoms.
I think the confusion comes on why you are asking a question if you should be fine, if you aren't experiencing anything to make you think otherwise. So I don't get why you'd even ask, especially if you aren't going to do any bloodwork to confirm anything. It's not like we can exactly tell you anything, and I think you know that.
im not assuming an ailment at all... ANY good doctor tells you the right procedures to go through to protect yourself... i have NO CLUE if you have anything wrong or not bro, im LOOKING OUT FOR because i care... you dont have to do shit but just because you dont have symptoms does not mean everything is fine... for instance, my last cycle, i had NO symptoms at all with anadrol and my fucking alt and ast were 100... thats DOUBLE where they need to be... my estrogen was off the chart, not one symptom... you see my point?
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