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Hi Dylan,

I've been a fan of your videos for long time and appreciate the information. I'm 44 years old (male) and considering jumping aboard the TRT train as I'm beginning to feel symptoms of low T.

I've yet to get the blood test but will do it soon. What concerns me is the high degree of variability in how doctors treat it. I've heard of some guys getting a shot once per month which sounds crazy to me.

Based on my research thus far it seems that weekly injections (I'll most likely be on Test-E) are best, though I know it depends on the half life of the type being taken.

I would be looking to have my T level in the high normal range. I know there is a lot of variation among individuals and how they respond, but I was wondering if you have an idea about how much per week would be needed to achieve that? My guess is more than 100 but probably not more than 200 per week.

I've been talking to an old bodybuilder who said that aromatase inhibitors are not needed for such "low"doses, yet it seems many people disagree.

Wondering if you have a thought about how much T is generally needed to hit high normal levels and do you think I would need some kind of estrogen inhibitor.

(I know you're not a doctor, and will just take your reply as an another opinion of someone who has experience with these compounds.)


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generally, 100-150 mg per week of test cyp is a normal trt dose but some people are severely hypogonadal and that could change and others may not even need that much... you are asking an extremely broad question, which can only receive an extremely broad answer


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It's all down to bloods. Once you confirm that your natural Test is low I would suggest starting at 100mg Test E or C a week and check bloods again after 6 weeks.....