Pro Hormones vs Sarms

Care to define better? Lol. Sarms have a ton of benefits with ~1% of the possible sides of PH. You may get jacked as hell on a PH. But you ask for the sides along with it. I ran a great stack of GW, LGD, and S4. Gained quite some size and got hard and vascular.

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Pound for pound SARMS are superior. They don't compromise your health like pros do and you can still make great gains like Saiyan stated.
Let me compare them side by side:
PH's: Highly liver toxic, 2nd pass thru liver non negotiable, harsh sides: back pumps, balding, acne, gyno, lethargy, bloat, raised BP, nose bleeds, cramps and aggression... lot of bad for the little 'good' they do, requires but does not have a testosterone base (powder test is impossible), digestive process affects their effectiveness, requires full PCT and on cycle support just like AAS... but yields far less results than AAS. Often marketed as legit PH's but some companies have negated the actual 'illegal' compound to still be able to sell within the U.S.. Costs for PH's although reasonable for single compounds pre-ban addition were reasonable, but for multiple compounds jump high quickly. Most gains are lost due to incomplete and inadequate cycles of steroid analogues, lack of AI and proper PCT. Only usually 30% of the benefits of real AAS, but all of the downsides.
SARMs: Pill form requires prescription, BUT liquid forms are available to consumers in liquid form for research purposes. This in itself lets you know the government has acknowledged they work for their intended purposes and several other benefits. Mini-PCT of clomid, or nolvadex will suffice most often, little to no sides or shutdown. Useful in so many ways from cutting bf% to packing on clean, quality, keep-able muscle, general well being, joint pain relief, increased endurance... the list goes on and on. Normal bodily function returns almost immediately. Documented and proven keep-able results.
PH's: previously discussed, but pre-ban could vary between 19.00 USD to over one hundreds dollars.
SARM's: Between 80.00 USD to 124.00 USD for the most anabolic of SARM's RAD-140. Complete cycles available thru the one true reliable source recommended here within this forum with plenty of feedback provided- SARMSX. Discount are also available for larger purchases. I have placed 3 separate orders within this month alone.
Dollar for dollar SARMs are the safest and most effective way to go unless you like punishing your organs with toxins and subjecting yourself to all the sides of a harsh AAS cycle with minimal benefit and mostly unkempt gains.
You're free to make your own decisions bro, but make them the wisest ones possible for your longevity in the performance enhancement game. If for whatever reason you are staying away from true AAS use, you owe it to yourself to not put yourself thru the agony of PH's. SARMs come with many benefits and have so many options and when combined with one another yield even better results. There are a million companies making and selling a magic pill in a bottle, but snake oil is snake oil bro. SARMSX is selling a legit product with a great reputation to boot. If you wanna spend the same amount of money on something you have heard us tell you is garbage by all means go ahead, but you'll be passing up on legit gains, no sides and muscle mass that's all yours after the cycle. I'm not affiliated with SARMSX, but I use their products in conjunction with gear and know what they do, everyone here can account for what SARMs can do/have done for them. You came to this forum for solid advice and here was mine to you.
Great read, well said gearhead

Appreciated... just trying to help a brother out. Sad thing is people do see some result with PH's and assume they are legit, but in all actuality are short changing themselves doing more harm than good.
whats better Pro-Hormones or Sarms?

This is a no brainier in my opinion. Prohormones are liver toxic, and anything that was good as far as PHs go was banned years ago. There's nothing worth a crap left on the market.

Sarms however are extremely effective and safe to use without the detrimental side effects and health concerns. They also don't have the shutdown of prohormones and won't leave you feeling like shit as PHs do
Better for what?? Cleaning windows? SARMS. Liver toxicity? PH. Leaning out? SARMS. Catching a buzz? SARMS. Making you grimace? SARMS. Healing? SARMS. Getting gyno? PH. Shutting down testosterone? PH. Acne? PH. Building lean muscle with less side effects? SARMS.

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