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What’s up guys. Currently on a test cycle and i am finally adding some real Legit primo brought to us from Panama.

I am currently running 300 test cyp split into Monday and Thursday’s injections 150 mg each day 2 x weekly.

I know primo is recommended to be ran higher ! I am thinking 600mg weekly. Will this be enough as it is real and tested primo.

Looking into shedding some fat and gaining a bit of mass .

Also what is mor Or Less the timeframe on when i should start feeling it’s effects.

Also is frontloadind recommended ?

I ask because i have heard many to run at least 800 weekly but i mean i have real legit primo.
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Well if its real Legit primo brought to us from Panama, it must be. Are you sure its really really legit? how do you know?
Every source here on the forum has real's not difficult to find.
Am hearing a lot that 400 is enough and the other 50 saying run over 600mg weekly i don’t know if to go high or keep it steady at 400 since i will be running A 12 week cycle of it
I am asking since my cycle will be a 12 week one. I was thinking running an 8 week one at 800mg weekly but since am prolonging it to 12 will it be ok at 400mg weekly? Will i notice any change at all?
8 weeks is not long enough for an Enanthate ester. I recommend 600mg for 12 weeks.
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