Planning cycle


I just ended a cycle of 500 mg per week of test e and last 4 weeks of anavar 60mg per day. Results were great. Running my pct soon then doing a sarm bridge cycle Dylan recommended. Once I’m done that I want to plan my next cycle to cut for a photo shoot in Feb. I leaned out a lot on this cycle I just did, so my question is what to do for my next cycle from you experts. I’ve been recommended to run Winstrol and Masteron with my next cycle of test to cut. Is that smart? Would I take those 2 for the whole cycle or how are they added in safely and properly to be effective? Thanks!


33 yrs old
Been lifting steady for 6 years.
so next cycle you could go with test, primo and winstrol.. you want to get your body fat down around 10% or below to really get the most out of masteron...
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