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On the website they instruct you to take your Bitcoins from your coinbase wallet and put them in a second wallet like breadwallet or mycelium wallet before making payment. I downloaded breadwallet and have nothing but problems because it says I have no internet. I read reviews on mycelium and frankly they are scary as s*** people say they just lose coins they disappear Into Thin Air! Who has recently ordered from Pharma? Do you actually have to transfer to a second wallet before confirming payment?
The reviews are troubling but I'll go for it then. Idk it says I have no internet!? Thanks brother!!
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You can order using Coinbase. They aren’t anonymous which is why they recommend a separate wallet. If you’re not buying a whole lot it’s fine. Coinbase is the easiest to use.

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UPDATE: I used Bread Wallet and it worked fine. My only complaint is it had bitcoin in different numbers. (I think but pay) for example $380 USD=b37918.24 instead of
.036455bitcoin etc
To me that was confusing especially when pharmacom wants you to put in the exact number of bitcoin sent so he can expedite your order... Oh well I just sent extra $20USD worth to make sure I overpaid and not underpaid. I'm pretty sure it worked. If I have any issues I'll report back! THANKS!
I heard back from Pharmacom and they say it's ok to send Bitcoins straight from Coinbase if that's who you use. Fast response from company too, I haven't been disappointed with them yet! That's my opinion! Be kind, be helpful, and be safe guys n gals!
Coinbase banned me and kept my shit do not use coinbase they will monitor all your transactions

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Im actually on your website placing an order when i came to the end it has coupon code I was wondering if you can send me that 20% coupon code its my first purchase of hopefuply plenty more after researching your store and hearing overwhelming positive
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