Pharma Lady Platinum Biotech Bio-Trope HGH

I'll show them to Pharma Lady and get back to you. Give me a day or two.
Thanks for that,I just got home from Saudi after 8 months so It’s been bought a while already.D
No probs,I seen Pharma lady talk about it at the start of the thread that’s how I found the site :)
I showed your pics to Pharma Lady and I told her you got it from a Pharmacy in Thailand. She said it's 100% real and has no reason to think otherwise.
Hey Guys n Gals my wife bought 200iu of Somatropin by Platinum bio from the pharmacy in Thailand,it has the stickers for authenticity code but I can’t see any numbers on the bottles or the box,is it fake has anyone any idea?

There is no fake Bio Trope HGH in Thailand, it is all real and legitimate, all Platinum products can be bought in pharmacies in Thailand, nothing to worry or paranoid about.
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