Pharma Lady order


Always good to go.

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Order Just in I can't wait to give her a shot ������������
Geez dude to many personal questions there,
I'm trying not to be a smart here but come on,
Be smart about this n don't mess up a good thing
This was my 2nd order from PL. 1st order was lightning quick. 2nd order was fast. Almost domestic fast. She's busy so if you place an order be patient. I learned the hard way on the 2nd order. I grew impatient and was messaging Cbbram. He said be patient and it'll be fine. This order I had in my hand before the tracking number ever showed up any information. Great source on here. Would highly recommend.
Great sounds g2g ! Thanks yall appreciate it and look forward to trying to get a order in with her next time had to resort to another source due to thinkin i never got a reply...but....found it in my spam this morning so it just got pushed to wrong box and now already put order in elsewhere so next time im ordering through pharmalady ...again sorry if i said things that shouldn't b said and thanks for all your replys on shipping time sounds good to me so next time ill go with pharmalady n give it a try !
PL is the truth.. great products, great sales reps and great gains...

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