PCT (Test down, but LH & FSH high)


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Hi Dylan,

Firstly just to say that the knowledge you are getting out there is golden and I truly appreciate everything you’re doing.

After finishing a small RAD140 cycle, my testosterone is quite suppressed. But my LH and FSH levels have actually increased to a medium-high level, presumably to make up for the lack of test. I’ve since started taking Nolva, but I’m now wondering if this is really necessary? If Nolva is there to stimulate LH & FSH, but my levels were already good after cycle, am I just unnecessarily adding a drug to my recovery?

Second question is that my pre-cycle (100% natural) level of oestradiol was on the low end of normal, despite having a high level of natural testosterone. After cycle, with test suppression, oestradiol dropped even further. Is there something I can supplement with to actually increase my oestradiol, and is this even wise? My body clearly does not aromatise a lot of test and I really noticed pain in my joints towards the end of the cycle, so wondered if increasing oestradiol is something worth considering for me.

I’ve used ranges rather than actual measures as I’m in the UK so quite a few of the units of measurement are different. But I do have a full bloodwork panel before and after that I could send you, but figured that you don’t have time to look at that sort of detail.
where did you get your sarms? there's a good chance you were not even actually taking real sarms
I'm confident the SARMs were legitimate, but this still doesn't answer either of my questions. Any help appreciated please.
generally, you wont see a drop in lh and fsh with sarms but can see test levels drop... but when you say you were high suppressed, thats a large red flag because it shouldnt be "highly suppressed" at all... there will be some suppression but it shouldnt be something drastic.... estrogen shouldnt be dropping either like that so thats why i question the legitimacy of what you have...
Joint pain, low estrogen, higher suppression. Sarms might have had some winstrol in it?
For me winny does just this, including the lower estrogen.
it definitely doesnt sound like sarms... im not speculating on what it was but i highly doubt you had sarms
Sorry, I've clearly created some confusion here by not being specific enough:

- My testosterone has dropped from 690 to 280, so not completely suppressed. My FSH and LH levels had increased. I thought Nolva was to increase FSH and LH, but as my levels were high, therefore wondered if it was necessary to include Nolva as it can have nasty side effects so wanted to avoid if possible. I'll answer my own question here - it can't hurt to have even higher levels of FSH and LH, so I assume Nolva is still beneficial to increase recovery time.

- My oestrogen has dropped marginally from 80 to 50 (normal reference range given as 41-159 pmol/L), so was barely affected by the sarms. I know low E can impact joints, and I have an injured back, so wondered if I might benefit in somehow increasing my levels of E, which were naturally quite low whilst being 100% natural.

My "joint pain" was me being an idiot and trying to use the bro-language. I didn't experience any joint pain, but my lower back injury (bulging disc) became a lot more painful on cycle and wondered if it might be related to low E.

Thank you all for your time and effort on this!
nolva is still beneficial especially with getting test levels higher but you can also use clomid instead

yes, your estrogen being low may be causing the joint pain
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