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November shipping

Hey guys!

I was told that shipping int he next days won't be safe enough as a lot of packages will be checked by the postal services so I have decided we won't be shipping until the first days in December. I know it can be a bit frustrating to be waiting for your order to be shipped for such a long period of time so I would like to let you know couple of things:

1.- Your payment won't be collected until the day you order will be shipped. That way you won't feel I´m taking advantage of this situation.

2.- I had created a 10% discount for all the orders placed between now and November the 25th so this waiting period of time will bring you this discount. Just type November when checking out.

3.- Customers that will use the November promo code will receive an extra 5% discount to be applied in all their next orders. This code will be received in December, once the order is being shipped.

Thanks for understanding the situation, guys. We are working hard jut to keep you in the safe side :)


PS.- Packages already shipped wont have any extra security check at customs.