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Hi everyone, I wanted to provide you with a formal introduction before I just start posting away! My name is Athena and I will be the newest representative for @FinestGears ! I am extremely excited to be a part of this community. I have been on many forums in the past but have taken some time away for several years working on my career. I have worked with many pros throughout my life and while I have been asked to compete many years, I have always declined due to other factors with my personal career, educational desires and advancements but my biggest passion is right here with health, fitness, performance enhancement and mainly general overall health. While I have vast experience I am also here to continuously learn but also share my past knowledge. I believe in always learning from one another but sharing any help from past experiences as well. I have been a customer of @FinestGears for several years so I was definitely extremely interested in this opportunity being I have so many amazing experiences with them. Sorry for being long winded but I am clearly quite excited. I will be able to help with questions about them any time you need. Thank you for having me and I truly look forward to being here!
It is so gratifying and humbling to receive a welcome like this. I am looking forward being here even more! Thank you everyone for the warm greeting!!
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