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Hey everyone,

I'll start off by introducing myself. My name is Tex from Australia, I am about to turn 21 years old and have been lifting seriously for just over a year. I am currently 181cm tall, weighing 86kg (189lb) at 15%BF. Last year I bulked hard for around 8 months and saw myself put on 15kg of muscle/fat. Over that time I have been consistently learning about the do's and don'ts associated with bodybuilding. I have learnt many of things including bad dietary habits and supplementary choices. Last year I completed a three month cycle of MK677 after learning about it through social circles and online, I can confidentially say it majorly assisted in recovery and overall growth but after reading and learning through this forum and Dylan's videos, I can tell that the quality of the MK was not legit and had alternative chemicals cut into it as when I stopped cycling it I felt I lost a lot of my gains but retained all the fat gained. It has taken me from November last year until now to cut back to a comfortable size and have built some quality gains naturally, which leads me to my first question:

At 21 years old, are SARMS even necessary?
I feel like I could attain a lot more naturally due to good genetics, very clean diet and a hungry attitude towards training. But if the difference between completely natural and a SARM stack would be major, I would like to introduce myself to a proper stack bought from a reputable company (SARMSX). The stack I would like to combine would be MK-677 and MK-2866. I have chosen these based on the reviews stating that these compounds are good from cutting and adding lean muscle mass. Although, the main reason I have selected these compounds is for their assistance in recovery. I have had multiple meniscus repairs in my right knee due to sport through highschool/college. The main benefit I noticed most when trying 677 was the way my joints quickly recovered after long sessions.

I know of the suppression that is associated with 2866 after 6-8 weeks and I am comfortable with that fact and obviously will run a full PCT, so if I could get some assistance on what to run that would be appreciated. I am yet to get bloods done and I plan on getting bloods pre

Thanks everyone, any advice will be greatly appreciated cheers!
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