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Hi all, stats are as follows:

Age: 25

Height: 6'9" (205cm)

Weight: 241lb.

BF%: I'd estimate between 16-18%

Goal: At first it was a straight cut but after reading lots of info on SARMS and their recomp effectiveness, I'd like to try that. Cut down a good deal on my bf% while gaining some lean mass if possible, or at the very least maintaining what I already have

Training: Been lifting for about 2 solid years now, right now do a mostly strength based routine lifting 5 days a week lifting as heavy as possible for 4-5 sets of 3-5 reps. Cardio slowly increasing. Love lifting, hate cardio lol

Diet: Pretty much oats, brown rice, chicken, and eggs. I alternate between high carb/low fat days and high fat/low carb days, with protein always staying very high. Eating around 2500cal which I feel is a good deficit for me, but would up cals if needed for a recomp

I've got LG, GW, S4, and RAD coming from proven peptides as well as pre-cycle bloodwork that should be back in a couple days. Will update thread with that. Just asking for any general advice on first cycle, should I go the full 12 weeks, just do GW S4 and RAD and save LG for when I want to straight bulk, any AI I should be taking with my cycle, and when to do the next bloodwork once I've started the cycle to check on all the hormones. Also how fast can you expect to start seeing results, with a diet like this and upping my training intensity?

Appreciate any help in advance
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I think your source may be questionable, maybe others can chime in here?

Sorry to rain on your parade but you must be absolutely sure your sarms are genuine - they often aren't.
Oh damn really? I looked around online and lots of people were backing it, so I went with them. What about chemyo?
What would be a telltale sign that the source of sarms is bullshit, bloodwork halfway through the cycle?
If you do run the stuff you could do pre cycle bloodwork then again after say no more than 4 weeks. You would want a full blood panel to see whats happening to your own test levels as well as liver and kidneys etc. Good idea to monitor your blood pressure too.
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