New Product------FAT BURNER!


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Just in time for the holiday weight gain. We have a new product. The fat burner combines the perfect blend of fat burning ingredients to help you drop that fat and get ready for your January cycle. Hit up ninth wonder or me with any questions.

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My girl plans to do a show in mid April and we were just planning everything out and the only question left open for more research was a fat burner the last 4 weeks of prep.
Thank you! Bro that's some serious shit right there! I will talk to her and see if this is the route she wants to go. We have discussed using anavar before and she wanted to stay with just sarms so I will let you or 9th know! Thanks bro!
We have a member that is going to be logging this so keep an eye out. It should be a good one too. Axio has done a solid job with their line and I’ve heard a ton of great feedback thus far.

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I not super familiar with any of the metabolism boosters or fat burning products so I wouldn't be able to compare them for you. I've heard good things about this product but I can't tell you from personal experience. I haven't and won't likely use it. I try to stay lean all year long and thus far have not needed products in this category.

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