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I am seeing a lot of new members first thing they post is “ Dylan love your videos by the way I’m 21 years old I would like to do a cycle so can you tell me where can I get the gear and how much I should do a week”

If you don’t know anything about steroids then Don’t do them. Steroids are not supplements you get over the counter. Do you homework, google can be your best friend learn about the compounds. There is no short cuts.

First of all of you are to young we will not advice or give you any info on steroids

Second if it’s your first post on the forum asking advice or where to purchase I will lock your thread and you will not get any info.

iSarms is for helping people health is my first priority.

I am not trying to be a dick but we have to help people who really need the help not someone who wants to get into the steroid game and then fucks up their health I can’t have that on my conscious. So I advise you to introduce yourself let us get to know you and we will advise.

If anyone disagrees feel free to speak
Thank you

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people need to be aware that its ridiculous to just walk in and start asking where to buy steroids... i would THINK thats common sense but beyond it being ridiculous, its pretty fucking shady... it really is... i always say, would you like it if i emailed you out of the blue and asked for weed or something far more harsh? would that be wise? would i look sketchy? fuck yes i would... its COMMON SENSE and i wish more people had it...
I agree 100% Dangans!! One of the main reasons I love this comminuity is exactly what you wrote, it’s about health first!!
It's aggravating for sure, but it will never change and has been going on since the beginning. Just have to put them in their place quick and give them the right guidance. Most will not be receptive but some will, and it's nice when one out of ten listens
Yeah man I know the ratio is low 1 out of 10 but hey better one then none

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