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Lockdown_Cycle INterruption after 1st week (Question)

John Paul

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Hey guys,

would like to ask a question.

6 days ago i started a cycle with dbol, test enanthate and deca. My plan was to do:
- 40mg dbol ED (4 weeks)
- 250mg test every 5 days (14 weeks)
- 250mg deca every 5 days (14 weeks)
- 12,5mg aromasin EOD
And after two-week break PCT for 6 weeks.

I am 35, 85 kg, 177cm with 12% bf. My goal was to bulk up and increase my strength.

Unfortunately as of today all gyms closed due to the local lockdown (covid) and I was thinking to stop the cycle and start again in month or two once the gyms are open for good and I can fully enjoy the cycle. Meanwhile I would work out at home, clean eat and decrease the bf and work out on the abs.

As of now I took
- 220 mg of dbol (40mg x 5 + 20mg x 1)
- 500mg test (in 2 pins)
- 500mg deca (in 2 pins)

What would you recommend as PCT after one week of cycle? I have Aromasin, Nolvadex and Clomid?
When would you recommend to get blood checked? I suppose in 6 weeks or so as my last pin was two days ago??
When would you recommend to start the cycle again?

Thank you very much for your opinion, comments and experiences.


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I?ve posted quite a bit regarding finding challenging ways to train outside the gym. I never missed a day of training through the pandemic so far...


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you dont need a pct after just a few pins... n2generate as advised would be plenty just as reassurance but that would suffice in this instance


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That sux man this whole Covid thing is BS I am beyond done with this !. Test booster should be fine no PCT. ha the gym have been closed
For months over here in California but iv been lucky enough to find some still open on the down low


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I have to laugh at how even a pandemic can turn political in the states. It just prolongs things as the cases keep rising in certain places. If it was me, I would stop the cycle, run a bottle of N2Generate, and wait for things to reopen again. You can continue on without the gym but obviously the results will not be what they would if you were in the gym.

John Paul

New member
Many thanks guys for your replies. I did stop on Saturday and will follow the tip with N2Generate...

The thing is that here are even the parks closed and if not, you have to wear a face mask WITH plastic face shield (!!) to be outside so the workout would not be very convenient and my place is approx 400 sqfeet only, which is too small to do the benchpresses while my lady cooks lunch lol..