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Lgd suppression pct help


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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum and I have a situation I need your help on.

I joined the site today after reading many many posts, opinions, experiences, and research from other people.

I recently stopped a 4 week cycle of lgd and gw at 10mg and 20mg a day respectively. I purchased them from Sarms4you as I am based in Europe. All things considered, I could not come to the conclusion that there were better sources in the EU and from user posts they seemed legit. I stopped due to increasing doubts as to whether I was doing myself more harm than good by continuing. Especially as more and more people seem to actually not trust Sarms4you... In fact just a few days ago it seems another user on this forum has also experienced suppression for s4y lgd after a 12 week cycle.

I did not plan on cutting the cycle short, I know that it should be run 8-12 weeks. However, I reconsidered and stopped by gut feeling/fear that something may be off.

I Must say that while I was on, I had good strength gains, good endurance and visible improvements in physique.
I've been off for about a week, and again following much research I haven't done a pct... Through it all, I've seen many say that pct is not needed and using serms may be more trouble than anything else.. Others are for pct - mainly clomid.
In the mean time I've ordered a otc test booster/est blocker cannibal alpha pct. I have not seem to have lost strength in the gym, nor am particularly lethargic, but I imagine that a a bit of suppression has occurred and the only thing I am experiencing for now is weaker erections and weak loads with what seem to be slightly smaller testicles

Now, though some may say that the source isn't legit, my question follows 2 outcomes:

1- that the lgd from Sarms4you is legit. After only 4 weeks is a pct required and what is recommended in this situation if anything.

2-a bad scenario where the lgd is not legit and were actually prohormones. What is would be the best course of action here?

Again, many say that things pick up normally just fine after a period of time. Especially considering the fact I've only done 4 weeks. However I am considering doing a pct if recommended. I do not have bloods.

Furthermore, since legit sources seem to be hard to discern, does anyone here have knowledge of a legit source for sarms or the pct I might need here in eu?

Thank you
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the source is NOT legit... its a chinese scam site and you were taking a prohormone which is going to require you to take a full pct... not having bloodwork is just not smart either... you should be doing pre, mid and post cycle bloodwork and its just irresponsible to not do so...