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Lgd 4033


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If you questions on LGD 4033. I am a natural lifter I have used testosterone in the past not much and only a few times but have been drug-free for over A year and a half. I experience some joint pain anger issues and shutdown last time I took test. I have not touched anything since because I don't want to experience shut down and I also lost all of my gains. when I got off. I have heard great things about LGD and wanted to give it a try. I am a hard gained and currently coming off a small 3 month bulk. I did not follow my program as well as I should have and toward the end starting gaining more fat that I should have. I'm currently in the middle of a 3 week cut just to strip off some of the excess fat then I want to do another short term 45 day bulk then cut/maintain for the rest of summer. I know this is not the ideal way to bulk and I won't get much out of it but I know I will get something so it's worth it to me. Sorry for the long winded email I just feel I should give you a good background so that you can answer my question with an educated answer cording to my history.
My questions are how long can you run I'll LGD for?
What would be the most optimal time for me to run it when I start my bulk back up and continue it through my cut or after my bulk and when I start my cut?
I was thinking the best time would be to do it during my bulk as I will be on 1000 cal surplus and figured that would be the best time to pack on any extra muscle but obviously I will take your advice and run with it.
Last question is what is the most expected back I can run With LGD that will help prevent any shutdown and help me keep the gains long term.
Also if I do experience shut down what is the best option I should look into as far as pct?
as far as the stack I would run with the LGD I would like to stay away from any steroids if possible.

Again thank you so much!

Joe S.

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LGD is recommended for 12 weeks taking during your bulk would be best if your looking to gain size.