What’s the forums opinions on this? Really a great fat burner? Or too hyped up product. What are guys taking for dosages Results ??
everything that you take is overhyped for fat loss

americans spend billions a year taking things to lose fat and the country keeps getting fatter and fatter.

fat loss Is about what you don't take not about what you take and until people figure it out they'll continue to spend their wheels..

look into fasting, it costs you nothing and you buy nothing in fact it saves you money when I'm doing fasting for a week for example I save a fortune in grocery bills LOL
Makes sense. What kind of fast do you do?
all kinds of ways to do it man. i can send you a fasting e book i wrote for free. just PM me your email
also iv'e done tons of fasting podcasts, you can check them out. just google fasting podcast
Bros let's be honest anything you can buy for seven bucks from a Vitamin Shoppe isn't gonna do much
as long as you have tempered and realistic expectations.. it could help a bit but its not as though its going to be something drastic
Dont expect much from it and let ypur diet do the work

You'll get actual fat loss from gw or sr9009 from umbrella labs
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