is these needle-gauges ok?

OP you need to see an endo plain and simple and stop trying to validate self administration. You need to find the cause, not put a band aide on a bullet wound. What if there is a major issue ? or what if there is a simple fix besides a lifetime of TRT ? cmon bro, use your brain here. TRT is to be a very last resort, it comes with a lifetime of other issues that you have to forfeit to be on hormone therapy
As i said i will not start test before talking to this androlog,he is a kind of endo,his field is hormones,he has 30y experience in this field. Even if im not prescribed anything from him,i will seek his advise and answers regarding test. I visit him in the first place to sort out the t4-issue,but also to talk trt.
No, they recommend you to go to a transmission specialist. You still need to go see an endocrinologist
yes this is what they SHOULD do,instead i get told im not in need of seeing an endo,the last three docs have sent me away telling everything is ok with my gears! You see Billy,i have no chance to visit an endo without being prescribed a visit,as long as i keep being rejected im not gonna see an endo! Understand? But mr Purvis is pretty damn close to an endo,hormones has been his profession for 30 years,he have helped alot of people,now..wish me good luck!
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