Injecting Through Tattoos


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So I've always been curious if it's okay to inject through a tattoo, but never really researched it until recently. In the back of my mind I was always a little leary about doing so. I kept getting this visual of the needle pushing the ink deep into the muscle and something bad happening. Or worse yet... Fucking up the tattoo somehow. Lol

Clearly my fears are unfounded and rather ridiculous. Obviously there's not wet ink below the skin so transferring ink deeper is silly. From what I've researched pinning through some ink work won't damage the piece either. My right delt is covered in ink so I've always avoided it.

I think I've pretty much found my answers, but if any of you guys want to chime in then please do.

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No issue with going through ink as long as it isn't fresh (still healing) whatsoever. Two full sleeves and on trt go through both delts twice a week at minimum. And really good ink at that with no issues.


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Shouldn't be an issue at all bud. The pin should split the skin as it breaks. Pushing ink or anything near the top layer should be a non-issue.


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That's what I figured as well. As long as it's not fresh ink there's no issues.

Thanks guys.

Hopefully this serves as information for others wondering the same thing.

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I don't see an issue with it but never really thought about it since I don't have tattoos on my ass lol

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