I need some help


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So I was thinking about starting to take SARM's and I thought of taking S4,LGD and MK677(I've heard from various sources that this combination will have a reasonable effect.) However, I dont know too much about SARM's, I've documented myself as much as possible and I'm still confused. I know that I have to follow a PCT but idk if that its mandatory or not. Also one of my friends said that I should start with one such as S4 so I wont have to face too many side effects because some SARM's are suppressive and if I take too many I might not know which one will cause the side effects. So the actual questions
1.Is this combination too much for the beginning? it going to be safe if I start with all of them at once? I need to follow a PCT?
4. should I start with only one type?
5. will it be good for bulking?
( extra info, I'm 18, I have been hitting the gym for a while, if you need proof, my Instagram its the same as my user name, ''eduardtgabriel'', dont have any health issues and I just want to be sure I'm not making a mistake by asking someone which has experience in this domain. )