hGH experiences with Bio tec and syntrom


Hope everyones New Year's is going great!

I just wanted to inquire as to anyone elses experiences with the following hGH. I have no doubt that they are quality products since they are procured from board approved sources(I personally can vouch for IWGF as a phenomenal guy with quality products who really cares about his brothers here on AR) , just was looking to see if anyone had any first hand experiences with either Biotec
Or Syntrom?

Also, I see a lot of folks talk about how they will have different "experiences" with various sources hGH. For example I know PL carries a variety of very well reviewed hGH that I have heard each have a different experience. One gives people energy while another does something else......of course each person will respond individually to a specific drug....but in this case im refering to one person responding differently to different brands of same drug:hGH.

I was under the impression that hGH is either real or not and that beyond that the only other real variables are purity (which im confident there is little variation in amongst our approved sources) and the quality of the substrate used to reconstitute.....

For example:
Serostim 2iu ed (via IWGF) causes some sleepiness, a tiny bit of cts, and body parts falling asleep here and there when i sit too long. After a few months added a little bit of that "3d look" ESPECIALLY to my lats which i could never really get to.pop out like the rest of my body, and some marginal fat burning effects around the mid section. Again this is just a measly 2iuED. Ive never got any big boost of energy or red welts....could not tell you if I had water retention from hGH or not because blasting season in effect and holding a small amount post pinning test is typical for a day or 2.

Should I expect something different if I switch to another source or brand of hGH?

Anyways....hopefully someone can share first hand experience with either of the above or how one person has 3 different experiences with hGH from 3 different brands.

Thanks for your help everyone.
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