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Hi Dylan , I`m 31 .
I have recently discovered your youtube channel and I am impressed by how well detailed your videos are.

So to begine with as I said I am 31 , 1.87m height and 120kg now .

I was 140kg 3 months ago and I decided to change my lifestyle by getting in control my nutrition and my daily activity.

Now the thing is by eating less and healty food and being under caloric deficit.
I am also going to gym 5x times a week and allways weights training not to much cardio.

The problem is I am loosing body fat by I am also loosing muscle mass by not eating enough .
Altough the weight scale shows me less weight then 3 months ago the aspect of my body still haven`t changed that much besides loosing a bit of belly fat .
I don`t have to much improvement in my muscular appearance.

For the last week I have been thinking of using steroids to help me to lose body fat but still improve my muscle mass and body appearance.

I do have to say that now my food is well in placed and I mean I don`t eat more then 1 cheat meal a week . No alcohol , no soda . no sugars . Just water , chicken , salmon , vegetables , sweet potatoes and few other healty choices .

I have watched your videos and I have seen your choice for the best steroids for cutting with
Primobolan , Anavar , Winstrol and Trenbolone .

What I don`t know is if I can use those in the same time and if not is there any cycle that you could recommend me as I really don`t want to risk it having problems while using to much .
I am not really looking in a next day result if you know what I mean . I have patience and I work hard in the gym but I want to make sure I will get where I want at some point that`s why I am asking for your help .

If you can let me know a proper cycle would be much appreciated .


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you are n owhere near the right condition for steroids, i can easily tell that your stats and if you paid me, i would not advise you steroid use... it makes no sense and would be of no benefit to you whatsoever... you even discussing tren is borderline insane as well... sarms would be ideal as they could help you to lose fat yet still maintain muscle... heres a link to a stack you would want...