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Gyno help please


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Hi Dylan,

Male, I have run anavar only cycles in the past with good success, but decided to get from a different source this time a few months back (UGL (not in any way sourced or conntected to this site).

Ran 100 mg a week but did not feel well (tired) on the cycle and I was not getting good Var pumps so I ditched it after 3 weeks. Did not bother with a PCT because of the short cycle time.
I am guessing I did not get var but something else.

Now a couple months later I have noticed breast tissue on one side formed when I looked in the mirror one day.

It's not hard, still soft. Not severe, but noticeable.

1) What should I order and what protocol should I run?

2) I have Nolvadex, Clomid and Aromasin on hand from another UGL

I want to start running them immediately while I am waiting. Should I run both the Aromasin, Clomid and Nolva or just the Nolva while I am waiting, and at what dosages?

Thank you
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Before he can give you a protocol, you’ll need to get bloodwork done. Secondly, gyno is hard and if you have it, there wouldn’t be doubts. You could have put on some body fat.


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impossible to answer without bloodwork... im not a psychic man... i cannot answer that without bloodwork...