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Great channel mate! I wonder if I could ask for some advice?


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Hi Dylan

I'm a big fan from Northern Ireland!

I have watched all your vids but wondered if you could possibly advise me on something..

I'm currently on TRT prescribed by doc, it's called Nebido (I don't think it's available in the states?)

I'm on 1000mg every 12 weeks. I'm 35 and work in security and unfortunately due to a motorcycle accident I lost use of my testicles hence the prescription.

I'm happily married with 3 beautiful children so my family is complete.

My only thing is that before my accident I was quite a muscular guy (naturally) and trained regularly which was compulsory for my career.

Since on this TRT however I have not felt the same, I'm not seeing any good results in the gym and feel unmotivated. I spoke to my endocrinologist who to be quite frank is not really interested. I asked for an updated dose but was point blank refused, and when I complained of some tender nipples and small lumps I was completely bypassed and not offered any AI or otherwise.

I understand you're not a doctor but you obviously have extensive knowledge in this area. Do you think I may need a higher dose and perhaps ask for a second opinion? I really believe I was seeing better results on my natural test levels compared to this prescribed dose which works out at 83mg per week. In your opinion, is this considered a low TRT dose?

BTW steroids are legal to possess here in UK but I don't think I'm ready to go down that route...

Many thanks from a big fan and keep up the excellent videos my friend!

Kind regards


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you are on a very strange schedule to say the least... you should be getting 100-150 mg per week... of course you feel like shit because of the way you are given your testosterone... unreal the lack of understanding your doctor has