Forearm Injections


Hey guys,

Been dealing with golfers elbow on the inner side of my elbow and runs up the inside of my wrist. Has recently flared up and has left me unable to lift my upper body without discomfort. Decided to give TB-500 & BPC 157 a try. From what I've researched TB-500 is systematic and have been injecting intramuscular in my shoulder and subq near my belly button. No issues to report with these injections. Since BPC-157 works locally (from what I've researched), I would like to inject near the site on my inner elbow and inner wrist. Has anyone ever injected here? I definitely would like to avoid hitting a nerve and was wondering what the best practice would be. I should be able to go in at a 45 degree angle near the site with no issues? For the record, I am using a 28 gauge insulin needle.

Thank you in advance for the advice.