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Hi Guys,

I've got some questions regarding a first cycle using Test E and thought you all might be able to help.

First off, I've been lifting for over 20 years. I've been an athlete my whole life and never overweight or out of shape (all relative I get it). I've done all the prohormones and oral only cycles (tbol, anavar) when young, but now that I've actually read up on what I was taking I've realized I never made or kept the gains I wanted because I did it wrong. I've also used Sarms 2-3 times and while effective, I think I'd like to try a cycle that includes Test.

Age: 42
Weight: 175lbs currently (at my heaviest ever I've been 180 with 8-10% bodyfat)
Height : 5'7"
BF: Right now it's around 12-14% as I'm in a bulk for the holidays : ) Usually sit at about 168-170 with BF at 9-10%

I always go heavy and I'm well versed in the gym. I'm not looking for PR's, more just getting size and looking ripped.

Typical week when on cycle

Monday - Chest or Back/Cardio
Tuesday - Shoulders
Wednesday - Arms/stretch
Thursday - Chest or Back/cardio
Friday - Legs
Sat/Sun - Usually off with the kids

My plan is a 10 week cycle to lean out from January-March as I have a trip to the tropics planned in March. My goal is a recomp style where I can shed some BF and gain a little more muscle while on cycle. Yes I know it should be a longer cycle, but I'm out for Christmas and don't have access to my pinning needs until January 2nd.

So, plan is as follows:

Weeks 1-10 300mg Test-E split into two doses Monday/Thursday (didn't see the need to go with a higher dosage as I'm not a yuge guy anyway)
Weeks 6-10 25-50mg Anavar split into two daily doses

I've got Clomid/Nolva for PCT as well as Aromasin for any on-cycle issue. I've also got some Winny but not sure I want to eff with that stuff as it seems a little harsh (not to mention a double oral would be kinda dumb).

Now my question, what am I missing? Should I do the Anavar differently? Any other pointers? Is this a good cycle?

Thanks in advance for the newbie questions from an old man ; )
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your first cycle should be test only... period... i would also go 12 weeks with a long ester, not 10
I'd really recommend you run the test e two more weeks to give it enough time to do it's best work. Other than that, I'd say bump the dosing up to 350mg per week instead of 300mg, but you can do great with the dosing you have planned now.
Drop the anavar and stick to test only for your first cycle. Anavar isnt the best choice for males anyways
Just wanted to say that the original post is great! Gives stats, goals, lifestyle situation and is very well written.

Good luck with the cycle. [emoji1305]
I kind of already knew that you guys would advise to drop the oral and go longer. Thanks for your input and taking the time to respond.

I’ll take the advice and update as I go. Thanks again everybody!
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