First cycle of test

Definitely post up as many details as possible and I do hope u did pre middle and post for blood work, these compounds are nothing to mess around with, even just test by itself can cause a host of problems if your body responds poorly. I know when I first started trt and they put me at a bs 200mg right away my blood pressure was pretty high between that and estrogen and hemoglobin and hemicrait you need to watch a few things, so please get bloods done and also good luck with the cycle.
Everyone reacts diff with w everything. I myself have a really hard time keeping my nipples from getting tender and can start getting issues immediately so guys like us just have to do a little extra work. So I pin 3 days a week and I use both armidex and aromosin I know sounds weird but I found a combination of the two works best for ME ha don’t ask me about the science in it but after many cycles of trial and error i happens to stumble across the fact that using both keeps both the puffy ness and soreness down I find that the the aromosin tends to keep the pain away and arimidex keeps the pain away. I know some on here prob gonan read this and start telling me I’m wrong but try it and see what happens. Use one one day and the other the other day.
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