First Cycle... 2 or 4???


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I've been reading a few things that say 4 Sarms i.e. SR, S4, Osta, Cards is an advanced stack for people who have done Sarms before...

If I went with all 4 bear in my this is my first cycle with no experience of anything stronger than creatine before am I going to be ok?

I've been a competitive athelete for the past 6 years, im 30 and have spent the last year getting out of shape so looking to recomp and get back fitter than ever...

Some say I should start with only 2, some say 3, some say all four... I'm happy and can afford to do all 4 but worried about my health and what stress this could put on my body as my first cycle...



you have nothing to worry about sr and cardarine...they are non hormonal and also side-effect free. the supression will come only from ostarine(mild) and s4 . i'd say you can run it no problem. it's probably the most effective sarm shredding stack


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you are completely fine to run 4 if you want... these are not steroids and do not need an "ease into" type of start..


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Sar,s do not stress your health like steroids. They also do not carry the side effcts and shutdown of steroids. You are fine to run any stack you choose to