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Hi everyone, for those of you that do not know or remember me, my name is Hurricane and I have been around on the forums since the middle 2000's. I know many of you but there are also a lot of new faces here as well. I have taken some time off, popped back here and there but am now happily back and will also be the new head rep for Finestgears. I have always been very selective with who I would rep for and generally stuck with most places as long as they were around without bouncing around. I feel very good about Finestgears, from the leadership to the quality of products. These are extremely good people that work very hard to give the best quality as well as customer experience that I have seen in a very long time. They have so many different options on their site, which is very easy to navigate and use. I love the fact they have so many shipping options of warehouses as well. I do believe that they will be a huge asset and quickly become everyone's go to source for everything! I will be here to help everyone as well as contribute what I can to the community! Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone! You can check out their website here as well. Best Quality Anabolic Steroids for Sale - Finest Gears
I appreciate the warm welcome everyone! This is the type of thing I have missed a lot!
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