Finding out if the gear isnt fake based on my blood work.


I have been on tren e 300mg and test e 400 mg for 10 weeks.
but I have not seen noticeable change.
So I wanted to find out if my gear is real by doing my blood work.

I finally have received my result.

Estradiol (pg/mL) 38 Range : < OR = 39

Testosterone, Free (pg/mL) 765.5 Range : 35.0 - 155.0

Prolactin (ng/ml) <1.0 Range : 2.0 - 18.0

Testosterone, Total, MS (ng/dL) 2100 Range : 250-1100

Based on my result

is it safe to say that my test e (taking test e 400mg weekly) is real ?

and of course it is impossible to tell if my tren e is real based on this test ?

Thanks a lot !
Have a great day !
yes, its a little underdosed though... you would expect to be closer to 2800 on 400 mg per week but your free test is very high etc... its not fake
It also really depends on how far from your shot that you did the blood draw. Ideally it would be 24-36 hours from your shot to get an accurate number. It's nit just about the weekly dose. Blood draw time is just as important.

Be cautious with the at home Test kits. My Pfizer Cyp from the pharmacy showed up as fake. I called Pfizer and tracked the exact serial numbers and it matched my box and bottle as authentic. I ran bloods and the Pfizer cypionate was 100% legit. Since I have had several Test kit results proven wrong.
I've seen several topics in the past for someone running Tren E and not sure if it's real or not. Pin 100mg eod of Tren Ace TRUST ME you'll know if it's real.

If you need a trusted source PM me.
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Yes I have tried tren ace before. it was painfully obvious when it hits me.
thats why i really feel like my tren e isnt real it passed 11 weeks now i still feel nothing
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