Fasted L.I.S.S.


Aside from the weights I’m pretty heavy into BJJ. One guy I follow is renowned Nutritionist Mike Dolce. When it comes to preserving muscle mass while lowering BF, he swears by fasted L.I.S.S. in the morning when you wake up alongside some clean caffeine. Keeping heart rate between 90-110 BPM for an hour. One of the main keys is the heart rate obviously so that you don’t start burning glycogen and instead burn fat. It’s been a long bulk so I’m currently running caloric deficit and the LISS seems like it could be beneficial. Anyone experiment with any fasted L.I.S.S.?? I’m only 2.5 weeks in but I’m starting to notice a difference


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I don't ever do low intensity cardio myself. It just takes forever to get any real benefit out of it.

I prefer a more moderate intensity for about 30 minutes with heart rate in the 130-140 range.


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i start off my day with 6 miles, steady state, and kick it up to sprint status the last 2 minutes of the right but i never do it completely fasted... i have a video fasted cardio about how its proven to be not necessary... clearly i dont eat some huge meal before but i have 6 egg whites and 3 servings of vegetables pre run...