Everything you need to know about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


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I have seen far too many people saying that they do not understand or comprehend bitcoin and cryptocurrency. What I have found over the years is that people make it much more difficult than it truly is. Bitcoin is actually extremely easy to understand if it's explained and broken down properly. Instead of me writing a dissertation for everyone and perhaps overcomplicating it, I have put together some websites and videos that really break it down for everyone to fully understand. One issue that I have seen is that a lot of people and/or websites make it seem much more complicated than it is with their explanations. Read these websites and watch this short video to get a grasp on how it works, how to use it etc...

I promise you that cryptocurrency is not only extremely easy to learn but once you do, you will see the many benefits that it has. It is only growing in popularity and use and with good reason. If you have questions, post them in here but take the time to educate yourself with this info. Don't make this harder than it is on yourself. Remember, it is EXTREMELY easy if you just read and listen...


Important stuff to know as a lot of sources are going to this and it's a very good method of transfer
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