Video Dylan Gemelli Podcast featuring special guest Dr. Tony Huge!!

High quality videos about anabolic steroids, sarms, training, diet, nutrition and bodybuilding.
bros you should have asked him about that Leo guy that he killed visiting him in Vietnam and what happened with that
I don't agree with cancel culture at all, but I think Tony should have been cancelled for his crimes
I'm still pissed about the fake sarms enhanced sold me 5 years ago. caused me an ER visit
Monstro here
Want to know why I should be attacked and cancelled for telling men to use s23
but tony huge tells 13 year olds to use steroids and you kiss his ass and think its okay.
In portugal we have a name for that. called Hipocrita'
What an amazing podcast! Love that you have guests like this on. Can't always have people that are of the same thinking. Makes it super interesting.
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