Dbol Tbol recomp


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Age 45, 6'2" 220lbs around 9% bf
I run one cycle a year just to maintain my current stats. I'm not interested in putting on more size.
This is about the size I can keep on with one cycle a year.
I like using Tbol with a low dose of test. Test always gives me sides so I keep it under 250. I've used dbol in the past with proviron and an ai, I don't see any bloat or estrogenic sides and I like the feeling i get on dbol.
Can I use a low dose of dbol with an low dose of tbol to do a succesful recomp? Somethimg like 25mg Dbol with 35mg Tbol with a low dose of test? Can i keep the gains as clean as on tbol? I will be using proviron and adex.
Also why do you think I have estrogenic sides with test but never had any on dbol? This seems weird to me.
can you, sure you can.. i dont think thats the wisest move to use dbol, even in a low dose, on a recomp... thats your call but sure you can use them together... i certainly wouldnt run dbol that high stacking with another oral... the max dose i recommend on dbol is 30 mg and you would cut normal dosing in half if you are stacking orals... i personally dont like this set up at all but thats your call
Thanks for the reply. I'll cut the dbol dose to 20 and give it a try.
I seem to respond really good to orals without much sides. I'll keep you guys posted.
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