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Cycle Question-Tren A


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Can you take a look at this plan and let me know your thoughts. I have ran numerous cycles with compounds including Deca, EQ, Test, NPP, Tbol, Dbol, Winny, 1-Test (I had to discontinue this one due to major PIP which I knew was a possibility), etc. I have been wanting to try Tren for a while but the possible sides have kept me from it. I tried the 1-test as an alternative but couldn't do it due to PIP.

33 years old
Around 20% BF
I know you recommend lower BF but I get bloods done regularly and my levels are all optimal. I know its recommended to do only Tren and Test on your first Tren cycle but I have tried Tbol and EQ in previous cycles and they were very mild. I was thinking the EQ and test drawn out a little longer would help maintain my hardness and vascularity for summer trips.

Test C 250mg per week Weeks 1-20 (inj 2 x week)
EQ 250mg per week Weeks 1-20 (inj 2 x week)
Tren A 250mg per week Weeks 1-8 (inj EOD)
TBol 50mg preworkout Weeks 1-6

Caber .5 2x per week Weeks 1-15
Cialis .5mg ED Weeks 1-20
Adex .5mg EOD Weeks 1-20
Cardarine 20mg ED Weeks 1-20

Drop to TRT test after week 20 for a cruise. Please let me know if you would change anything. I respect you and WILL listen.

How does this look?

I love your videos BTW...very informative! Thanks for doing what you do, brother!


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i cant advise you to use steroids at 20% body fat brother and especially not a more advanced cycle like this... i would be putting you in harms way and i simply cannot and will not do that... im sorry...


Steroids are not used to get people into shape. They are tools for people in shape to take things to the next level. Revisit when you're below 15% "bf.

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At 20% bf you are asking for a lot of problems... especially if you’re using Tren etc.

You need to understand diet better before proceeding to layout AAS cycles.

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