Combatting the negative effects of trenbolone with GW-501516: By Dylan Gemelli


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Combating the Negative Effects of Trenbolone with GW-501516

By: Dylan Gemelli

As many of you know, Trenbolone is one of, if not THE strongest steroid that is available today. The drastic changes that occur with it’s use are “superman like” to say the least. The problem with tren being as strong as it is comes in the form of the many negative side effects that it can produce. The list is long and extreme when it comes to side effects associated with tren use. Here is list of possible and probably side effects: Increase in prolactin, acne, hair loss, insomnia, excess sweating, night sweats, rapid heart rate, anxiety, loss of libido and erectile dysfunction, increase in blood pressure and cholesterol.

Another side effect that can deter a lot of people from tren use is the horrible effect that it has on cardiovascular performance. Tren can drastically reduce your cardiovascular output and make any type of endurance activity much harder than it should be. There is now an answer to combat this problem in the form of GW-501516. By incorporating GW-510516 (Cardarine) you can counteract the negative cardiovascular effects from tren and allow yourself to perform cardiovascular exercises, both aerobic and anaerobic, as you normally would have. GW-501516 has been banned by the WADA (world anti doping association) because of the drastic advantage it gives athletes competing in endurance events. The amount of endurance it provides is extremely high and it allows you to maximize your efforts in everything that you are doing. By adding GW to your cycle, especially with tren, you will see that you can recover at much more rapid pace and you can go longer and harder with your workouts than you could have ever thought about doing before. Allowing yourself to maximize your cardiovascular output on tren will enhance the already drastic results it provides and allow a user to reach goals and peaks that were not though possible. Beyond the fact that your endurance and stamina will be increased, there are other benefits, especially to go along with tren sides, that GW will provide. GW has shown to increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol, through multiple studies, between 50-70%. To add to this, GW can have a VERY POSITIVE IMPACT ON BLOOD PRESSURE. By allowing you to increase your endurance in such a drastic way, GW-501516 allows for a major increase in cardiovascular health, allowing for optimal blood pressure and an overall much better state of health as well as sense of well being… Tren is known to have a strong negative impact on both cholesterol and blood pressure and GW can provide a remedy for both issues as well.

The benefits of GW-501516 are very apparent and noteworthy. The fact that there is finally something that can be used safely with tren, and combat the cardiovascular side effects, as well as many others, is a life saver for many. This is a protocol that more and more people are beginning to use and will continue to use in the future. The optimal dosing of GW-501516 is 20 mg a day. You can run this up to 12 weeks at this dosage before needing a 4 week rest period. After your rest period, you can start running it again.


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Great article Dylan! This is one of those topics that I believe very strongly in. Ever since I tried GW with Tren, for me there is no going back. It is truly a game changer while you are on Tren. It helps the cardiovascular side effects tremendously and the other positive health effects of GW helps to offset a lot of the other negatives of Tren as well, like blood pressure, lipids, and heart rate. GW also can help to regulate steady blood sugar levels, which can also be a big factor on Tren. I literally won't run Tren without GW anymore. They are made to be ran together.