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LGD and RAD are good sarms for bulking.
but how to keep gains made is a terrible question bro. you keep gains by being consistent with hard work and diet and PCT properly. the gains are as keepable as you make them, that's all up to you


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I understand that and I do keep up I'm just asking because steroids u lose some gains and I have heard sarms gains are a lot more keep able


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saying you lose gains from steroids is a Myth bro. whats your definition of GAINS? and WHAT steroid are you referring to??
bro ive never lost ANY gains from a cycle. if you play your cards right you wont lose gains just because its "from steroids".


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Keeping gains is heavily reliant upon hard work in the gym and dedication in the kitchen. That goes regardless of the compound any individual is using.


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sarms are going to be more sustainable because they do not have the same side effects and they are not as profound as some.. you wont get 2 lbs on sarms but you absolutely can get 10-12 quality pounds with the right stack and it is VERY sustainable IF and ONLY IF you run the proper pct and continue to stay consistent and disciplined... lgd is the best bulking sarms, period... rad and mk2866 are going to provide great size as will mk677... these are your best options for bulking... has the highest quality you can find and i stand by that a million percent...


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How keep able are gains made on lgd? Which sarm is best for bulking if I were to choose 1?

Sarms gains are generally easier to keep than steroid gains because sarms do not completely shut you down like steroids do. Also steroids provide a superphysiological level of hormones in your body, that is it impossible to sustain 100% when going back to normal levels.

F I were to choose one sarm for bulking it would be LGD, but the best thing to do is run it in a stack with RAD and S4. Those 3 are the power stack and it's a very effective stack for bulking

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