Another flawless Pharma Lady order.

I received a price list, (thank you for that). What brand has been the best for everyone? I'm looking for test C, but there's a couple to choose from. After trying it out I'll check out tren and some others. Thanks!
We've received positive feedback from all brands... Whichever suits your needs best.
Got great deals from her and as always great communication. I ordered on a weekend night. Paid the next day and got a tracking number that night. Got my package today. That's domestic ship times. Can't ask for any better.

This order consisted of
Test sust, deca, npp, igf1, dbol, proviron, met tren1, aromasin, cialis

Can't wait to combined this with my tren ace. Woooohh.

That's a shit ton of gear broski. I'm drooling lol. I've got an order coming I can't wait to start
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